Staff Profile: Kylie Murray


Kylie Murray physio dancer

Why did you become a physio?

I was lucky enough to have been able to follow my dreams of becoming a professional contemporary dancer prior to becoming a physiotherapist. However, my career as a dancer was short lived due to recurrent injury. This did spike my interest in human anatomy and injury prevention however and lead me to complete my Physiotherapy Masters.

What are your key special skills and interests as a physio?

I love working with dancers and sharing my experiences, with the aim of preventing injuries and improving their technical ability. I also like teaching our pilates and mums & Bubs group classes and have just started a youth strength and conditioning group for children with muscular dysfunction or congenital issues.

What is your favourite thing about your role at STC?

Working with a diverse team and being able to learn new skills. (I also like all the succulents around the clinic ☺).

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Working with a number of different dance schools, genres, and sporting teams; and overall building a name within the community for myself.

If you could spend the day as either #SportsTecGus or #SportsTecNibbles, which would you choose and why?

Either! As long as I could bring #SportstecLeah along for a play date too!

Who is the most annoying colleague to share the kitchen with?

I think this one may have been covered previously ….. and in fairness, there have been some changes occurring since the staff profiles have highlighted the habits. But I have to agree and say … Oli.

What’s something new you’ve learnt since working at STC?

Bec is a kick-ass footballer, Kae has a healthy obsession with succulents, and the magpie that lives in the tree out the front of the clinic is actually friendly