Patient profile: Blaise Striker from Canberra United Academy

Blaise is a striker at CUA and was unfortunate to have a severe dislocation that required surgery. It has been a long road for him but he has come through. He shared some of his experience for us:

‘In October 2016 I suffered a dislocated knee cap while playing football, causing damage to the cartilage in my knee. As a result I was forced to undergo knee surgery which would put me out of action for at least 4 months. The timing of my injury made it especially disappointing for me as the football nationals were only 2 months away.

In November, almost immediately after my surgery, I began visiting Ryan at STC. After a few physio sessions I was recommended a rehab program run by Oli to speed up my recovery process. I was given exercises that helped me to not only strengthen my injured leg but other muscles necessary for football. By completing these exercises under the guidance of Oli, I went from struggling to walk without pain to being able play football pain free again. 

It has been a very long process for me, but after around 6 months of rehab at SportsTec I have regained complete confidence in the durability of my knee. This experience has given me a deeper appreciation for the simple joy of being active and playing sport. I feel like I am returning to football physically and mentally stronger overall than I was before my injury. Without the help of the rehab program I would still be unable to play today and for that I am extremely thankful to Oli and the physios at STC who helped with the recovery process.’