Are diets dying out?

Are Diets Dying Out?

When we hear the word diet, many ideas could have popped into mind. Atkins, juicing, cleanses, calorie counting, alkaline diet, meal replacement shakes and skinny pills. The word diet comes from Greek origins, meaning “way of life”.

But are fad diet trends slowly dying out? Even as early as the 18th century, there have been various methods come and go, all with the promise of weight loss, health and happiness. Here in 2017, is the world finally accepting that good health short and long outcomes come from variety, moderation and balance?

We’ve done the diet in the past. Something happens in life such as upcoming events, change in lifestyle and we feel the need to go on a diet for a few weeks. Cut out a food group or replace main meals with a shake or restrict caloric input completely. The diet works for a few short weeks, then we resume eating the way we did before and regain any weight lost through the strict regime with interest.

After doing this a few times over we finally get it – that diet isn’t for me. It isn’t sustainable and can be unpleasant. Are the diet trends disappearing?

The short answer is no.

Diet trends are going as strong as ever. They have however, been remarketed and rebranded. We know about yoyo dieting and tend to be hesitant over the “D” word. Even as a health care profession, some people don’t like the word dietitian due to the word “diet”.

Instead we find ourselves inundated with the bikini challenge, intermittent fasting, meal services, paleo and veganism. Instead of just focusing on foods like the traditional “diet”, a lot of “challenges” also put a strict regime of exercise to comply with. Similar to a fad diet, they are for a short period of time (usually eight weeks) and once over, you’d resume you’re previous eating pattern and regain any weight lost or lose muscle tone gained.

While we may not be swallowing tapeworms like the 1950s trend, there are still diets claiming to be a cure all. To see if you’re eating pattern is giving you the best it can, come and have a chat to our Accredited Practicing Dietitian at the SportsTec Clinic.