What’s stopping you from seeing a dietitian?

What’s stopping you from seeing a dietitian?

You hurt your knee, you see the physio. You have the flu, see the GP. You have a car, it gets taken to the mechanic and serviced. So why don’t you see the dietitian about what you eat?

We have never before lived in an age where information is so readily available. Touch of a button and find a meal plan scroll through Instagram puppies and be told to start a detox. What comes with this wealth of information comes a sheer volume of conflicting advice.

Is it because it’s easier to listen to the quick fixes from wellness coaches, testimonials and dieting programs? What are the barriers stopping you from seeing a dietitian?

Don’t have the time

Is it that seeing a dietitian will be time consuming? You can get as much or as little time as you want or need. Most people have a one hour initial assessment and then reviews every 4-6 weeks to check up on progress and changes made. So, when it comes down to it, seeing someone who can help you made healthy lifelong changes about your eating pattern has less commitment than your favourite TV show.

It will cost a lot

The cost of seeing a dietitian is often cited as a barrier. But when you think about it, a dietitian works with you, with your specific nutritional needs to individually work out how to get the most out of what you eat. There aren’t magic pills, books, meals or shakes to buy – just food that you’re buying anyway.

Why would I want to see the diet Police?

Want to know what to expect when chatting to a dietitian at SportsTec? In the initial session, there are lots of questions. I want to know everything about you how you eat, what you like and what your body needs. From there, we could literally be talking about anything. It depends on what you want to be getting out of the session.

Commonly, there is a nutrition education session. You get to the learn the why and how behind the changes recommended. Using the latest evidence based research, you get to know which aspects can be tweaked for long term healthy habits. Together we set small achievable goals for performance, health and improved relationships with food.

A dietitian works with you. If you say that you don’t like eating mushrooms, I’m not going to recommend them.