Dancer Strength and Conditioning – Holiday program

Holiday dancer strength and conditioning

Dancer strength and conditioning class: today was about static and dynamic balance/stability. Other classes focus more on fitness, flexibility or strength.

Posted by SportsTec Clinic on Monday, 1 January 2018


Dancer strength and conditioning will be broken into three parts- interval training, strength and limbering/balance. 

The interval training will focus on the fitness required of a dance, specifically dancers do short bursts of movement followed by rest, making it ideal for them to train for Vo2 max (lactate training). This will be done in both ballet and normal movements for cross training benefits and avoid overuse. 

Strength will be broken down to core and then in priority of muscles that require more conditioning than others specific to dance. That is- calf, quad, glutes and hamstrings, these muscles by end of term end up being quite strong so need to be reconditioned prior to dance. 

Limbering and balance. Stretching of all muscle groups to regain some lost range, balance work for the same reason. 


Researchers from the Australia Institute of Sport (AIS) have found that a break from sport can result in decreased fitness/strength and consequently, an increased risk of injury upon return. The AIS found mismanagement of load upon return to sport resulted in an increased injury rate of up to 37%.  Similar research on dancers found a 31% increase in injury rates after a three week break.
Based on this current research, if a dancer did nothing over the upcoming school holidays, they would need a graded and reduced load while returning to a full time dance for a period of 4.6 weeks in order to prevent this increased chance of injury. To eliminate that delay we are offering these strength and conditioning classes.

Please call us at 02 61561308 or email for expressions of interest and we will then let you know what classes are available.