What is a Sports Physiotherapist?

Many of our clients are unsure whether they are looking for a physiotherapist or a sports physiotherapist.

All Physiotherapists here at SportsTec are equipped in dealing with the general population and are also qualified and capable in treating more specific sports injuries. Consultations are thorough but take into account the lifestyle of the client to tailor individual treatment plans. Lucky enough for us all our physiotherapists have experience competing and working in various sporting fields. This has given them the knowledge and skills to effectively treat the sporting population. The main difference between our physiotherapists is that our sports physiotherapists have done additional qualifications in their field.  

Sports physiotherapy assessments and treatments aid the athlete to return back to sport as quickly but as safely as possible. They have an understanding of the demands on the body during particular sports and thus can facilitate an optimal return to sport. Sports physiotherapists can also aid in the prevention of injuries and reduce the chance of re-injury on return to sport through biomechanical analysis. You do not need to be an elite athlete to come and see a sports physiotherapist. Many of our clients are recreational athletes that are wanting to get back to regular weekend sports!

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