Exercise Unpacked #2: W-Row With Band

In the second instalment of our Exercise Unpacked series, we’re delving into a W-Row with band. This exercise can be beneficial for people with shoulder, neck and upper back problems. We use this exercise to target the trapezius muscles as well as the external rotators located in the shoulder, and it’s great as a warm up to upper body strength training or to improve posture and control of the shoulders.

Perform 3×10-15 repetitions each day. To increase the difficulty, change the resistance band you use.

Common errors include hunching at the shoulders, dropping the elbows below shoulder height or not pulling the arms back far enough.

Here’s how to perform it correctly: 

1) Stand with band around pole or door handle, hands out in front holding band








2) Draw the elbows back and squeeze your shoulder blades down and together








3) Keeping your elbows where they are, draw the hands back until they are beside your head