Staff Profile: Rebecca Kiting


Why did you become a physio?

I grew up playing a lot of sport but knew that I wouldn’t be able to play at a high level forever so I became interested in jobs in the sporting field. Physio always appealed to me because I loved learning about the human body and enjoyed helping people so it was a perfect fit.

What are your key special skills and interests as a physio?

Because I’m a brand new physio I’m still working on areas of specialisation, but my main interests currently lie in injury prevention and I would like to further develop my skills and knowledge in this area.

What is your favourite thing about your role at STC?

The variety of patients that walk through our doors that we treat to help get back to everyday life and sports. And the amazing facilities we have right here on site.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Completing my degree for physiotherapy and getting a job as a Physio in the area I am interested in!

If you could spend the day as either #SportsTecGus or #SportsTecNibbles, which would you choose and why?

Sorry Nibbles but Gus for sure! As you can tell from my SportsTec profile I love dogs.

Who is the most annoying colleague to share the kitchen with?

Definitely Oli! You never quite know what he’s stashed away in the kitchen or whether or not he wants that half eaten banana from yesterday to be saved or thrown out!

what’s Something new you’ve learnt since working at STc?

James has a worrying obsession with the T.V show the Bachelor!