Exercise Unpacked #5: Triple Extension

Following on from our step-up exercise in our last Exercise Unpacked, we’ve got something a little more challenging this week for people who have kick-started their running routine since the weather has warmed up, but are feeling those pesky niggles starting to develop.

This exercise not only works our hip, knee and ankle but also targets our upper body and trunk stability in a truly challenging exercise.

Our physios recommend you perform 3 x 8-12 sets of these with low a weight. Keep the tempo controlled and make sure to work both arms and legs!

Here’s how to perform it correctly:

1) Start with one knee in a kneeling position, opposite arm with a weight overhead








2) Drive the back leg up through so that your knee is at hip height, maintaining the position of the weight overhead








3) Once stable in 2nd position, drive heel up off ground to get full extension in ankle, knee and hip. Slowly lower back down to ground