Exercise Unpacked #6: Advanced Pistol Squat

We’re upping the game with this next exercise for our Exercises Unpacked series. This one is for our more advanced patients looking to really challenge themselves. The advanced pistol squat is another great whole body exercise which targets our glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves amongst many other muscles. With the addition of a weight overhead not only does the upper body have to work hard but also the core.

Perform as many as you can on each leg trying to get to 10 comfortably.

1. Start by standing on the bosu ball (or the ground if you’re not quite at Roxie’s level). Grab a hold of one leg and raise the opposite hand overhead








2. Squat down until your glutes are almost touching the ground then drive back up again








4. Don’t forget to finish off the exercise with a smile!