exercise physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation

Caitlin graduated from The University of Canberra in 2017 completing a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation. She is passionate about the positive promotion of exercise to reduce injury and encourage management of chronic diseases and increasing an individuals quality of life both physically and mentally.  
Caitlin has soft spot for all things sport with a particular interest in injury prevention for dancers and aesthetic sports.  Coming from a strong sporting background with a focus on calisthenics (CaliDance), dance and springboard and platform diving.  
In 2014, Caitlin completed an Advanced Diploma in Dance Theatre with Honours at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles.  She fell into her passion of strength and conditioning through personal injury, quickly recognising a conditioned body is key for the longevity of a performing arts career. 
Caitlin is able to provide services under a range of schemes including Medicare, DVA, Workers Compensation, NDIS and Private Health. To access funding under these schemes a referral from your GP is required for all except Private Health and NDIS.