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STC physio working out
@ STC Lauren Ashleigh training for a 200KG deadlift

At SportsTec Clinic we have practitioners trained in injury management: Exercise physiologists.
Our professionals determine your fitness levels and design a rehabilitation plan suited to your physical state. Only then can you be completely certain that your path to recovery is both safe and guaranteed.


An exercise physiologist is a clinician who is an expert in using exercise for illness or injury management . For four years, exercise physiologists study how exercise can change, improve or even reverse certain conditions ranging from heart disease or asthma to more common injuries such as a sprained ankle. Exercising with an exercise physiologist is different to a personal trainer in that the exercise physiologist has studied in-depth how a disease can affect the human body and cause potentially serious injury.

Exercise physiology often deals with:

Chronic pain
Older adults
Cardio-respiratory conditions

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    Our exercise physiologist also keeps up with the latest research in combating obesity and weight loss, and work closely with our dietitian to help with losing weight safely. Check out our timetable below for EP rehab classes, seniors rehab classes and group rehab classes.

    We welcome clients of all ages, no matter their physical condition – we offer rehabilitation and injury management services to anyone who wishes to improve their state of body and mind. We understand that each person who comes our way struggles with some kind of a psychological barrier that they need to cross in order to start the recovery process and become the very best version of themselves.

    At SportsTec clinic our rehabilitation process is tailored to your needs because we know that is the only way to make sure our clients stay on track with the program we set and see the expected results at the end. It is also of prime importance for an exercise physiologist to take into account the specific physical and psychological state because we know that even factors like anxiety, depression, motivation and self-esteem can significantly affect the success of your recovery.

    Our rehabilitation centre in Canberra is equipped with cutting-edge tools and exercise equipment that we rely on for every stage of the recovery process. Although we always take a personalised approach, a clinical exercise physiologist from SportsTec Clinic still makes sure that essential steps are taken. Thus, every new patient first goes through a stress test and we use the best evaluation tools to determine the state of your metabolism and cardiovascular function. Our custom plan will be created to meet your health needs and at the same time aid you in building strength, stamina, flexibility and endurance.

    Our ultimate goal for every patient is to achieve more than just restore their health – we want them to try to raise their fitness level higher than it was before.

    But you are the one who needs to take the first step – get in touch with our exercise physiologist, discuss your needs and schedule an in-person meeting to consult on the steps that follow.