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Here are some scary (but true) facts:

  1. Sedentary behaviour is one of the leading risk factors for death in the world, which equates to over 5 million people per year
  2. 2% disc compression occurs after sitting for just 4 hours. Postural changes every 15mins decreases this compression
  3. Sitting for an average of 6hrs a day at work caused 53% of people to get neck pain, 53.2% of people lower back pain and 51.6% of people to get shoulder pain
  4. Long sitting times causes 73.6% of people to feel exhausted at the end of a workday. Keep in mind ‘sitting hours’ over the day also include time spent sitting on your way to and from work, as well as the time you spend at home
  5. Studies have also shown that regular physical activity outside of work does not make up for the hours of prolonged static sitting done at work – meaning that the issue needs to be addressed in the workplace even if employees are active outside of work
  6. Average time lost for a serious workers claim has increased by 33% between 2001 and 2015
  7. People working in administration roles are most likely to be obese with 77% of people working in admin roles overweight or obese. (Stats from the UK)
Office worker sitting at computer desk.

How we can help

We are a team of occupational health and safety consultants who will provide advice intended to aid in the prevention of injuries/pain as well as to reduce work time lost due to these injuries/pain. What sets us apart is the fact that we are more than happy to personalise our approach based on your specific lifestyle, workplace health system and the goals you wish to achieve. Below, you will find a list of occupational health and safety advisory services that have been specifically devised to provide a preventative and functional approach to a healthier workplace.

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    Did you know that neck, shoulder and lower back pain levels can all be reduced with an ergonomic work station setup? Effects of a recent study showed prolonged benefits over 6 months

    Our occupational health and safety consultants will offer advice on modifications to current work station equipment eg. chair height, monitor position and mouse and telephone position

    We can also recommend the equipment that can contribute to an efficient work station setup. This can include a wireless mouse or keyboard, wrist pad, footstool, adjustable desk, sit/stand desk or a monitor stand


    Involves a one-on-one session with a physio who will complete a musculoskeletal screening in order to identify any areas that may be susceptible to injury

    This will help the employer gauge the health and fitness of potential new employees and allow the employer to reduce risk from the outset of employment


    This can be a once-off or a yearly occurrence

    Involves a one-on-one session with a physio who will complete a musculoskeletal screening in order to identify any areas that may be susceptible to injury

    This includes a report of findings that the employee can then act upon

    elbow exercise


    Neck, shoulder and lower back pain can all be reduced with an exercise program targeted at improving strength and range of motion of the upper body and neck with effects lasting longer than 6months

    Individualised programs for employees based on their musculoskeletal screening


    If your office has space, our occupational health and safety consultants can come to you, set up a room for an agreed amount of time and provide your employees with physiotherapy treatment sessions to address any concerns they may have

    12 week challenge physio kingston canberra


    If your staff members have undergone the musculoskeletal screenings, they will be entitled to a 10% discount at our clinic for their physiotherapy needs. STC also offers a range of other services, which the discount is valid for, including exercise physiology, massage therapy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy


    If your office has space, we can come to you, alternatively, we can arrange a group class for just your employees at STC to discuss what our occupational health and safety services involve
    Group classes include; mat Pilates, reformer and equipment Pilates (at STC only) yoga, ballet barre (at STC only), rehabilitation classes for all levels, personal training and exercise physiology


    We can come and present to your employees on a range of topics including;

    Strength and fitness training
    Importance and impact of movement
    How to move more at work

    We can also design lectures/presentations based on what messages you are wanting to communicate with your team.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our services.