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Clinical Rehab & Sports Performance

At SportsTec Clinic, you'll enjoy the best patient experience in a range of different treatment areas - from Physiotherapy and Clinical Rehabilitation to Sports Massage and Pilates. Our team of qualified, experienced specialist practitioners will deliver treatment strategies tailored to your individual needs.

What We Offer

At SportsTec Clinic, we strive to provide great patient experience along with quality evidence-based physiotherapy treatment to deliver the best clinical outcomes for clients. We are committed to a holistic and multidisciplinary approach and as such offer a broad range of therapeutic interventions.
  • Comprehensive Subjective History & Objective Assessment

  • Hands-on Manual Therapy

  • Physiotherapist-led Pilates & Yoga classes

  • Acute & Chronic Pain Management Classes

  • Supervised Gym Program

  • Exercise Prescription
    (Stretches, Strengthening & Conditioning)

  • Biomechanical Analysis
    (Postural, Gait, Bicycle Fitting & Injury Prevention)

  • Aquatic Physiotherapy

  • Dance Rehabilitation

  • High-Performance Football Academy Coverage

  • Sports Taping
    (Rigid, Kinesio, Dynamic and Rock taping)

  • Nutritional and Psychological Screening

  • Splinting and Casting

  • Graduate Student Placements

Canberra Physiotherapy & Injury Management Services

Clinical Rehab &
Sports Performance

SportsTec Clinic is a rehabilitation centre that has built its reputation by providing evidence-based treatments through carefully planned training sessions. Since the establishment, our team has always strived towards further education and self-improvement so that we would be up to the task, no matter the issue you are dealing with. As a result, we continue to diversify our range of physiotherapy services, some of the most popular ones being:
Sports Physio
SportsTec Clinic specialises in sports injury prevention and recovery through modern techniques in sports physiotherapy treatment. Get in touch to learn how SportsTec Clinic can assist your team.
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While our classes feature many Pilates-based movements, we also utilise many different exercises that are based in clinical research. Get in touch to learn more or book your pilates class online.
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Pilates class
Hydrotherapy may include hot and cold showers, foot baths, contrast bath therapy, as well as the time spent in saunas and steam rooms. We are flexible on which location and facilities suit you best.
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Hydrotherapy in Canberra swimming pool.
Running Rehabilitation
SportsTec Clinic can assist runners with advice, exercises, recovery, injury  prevention, and treatments. We offer tailored performance programs. Chat with a SportsTec Physio to learn more.
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Ankle and knee rehab for running.
Exercise Physiology
An exercise physiologist is a clinician who is an expert in using exercise for illness or injury management. SportsTec Clinic delivers amazing outcomes through personalised exercise planning and facilitation.
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Exercise physiologist running an exercise program.
Antenatal & Postnatal Rehabilitation
Regain and build abdominal control and strength, as well as increasing general mobility while bonding with your baby and other mums. Check out our timetable of upcoming classes.
Exercises for a woman who is pregnant.
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While people commonly go on a massage to relax and relieve from tension, it can have significant therapeutic properties. and highly beneficial with injury recovery.  Appointments are available Monday to Friday. Call or book online.
Professional massage therapy.
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Seniors Care
We tailor seniors care to all levels of fitness and our exercise physiologists are experts in working with those that have other medical issues from Parkinson’s to cardiovascular disease. Speak with our friendly staff to learn more about Seniors Care.
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Seniors exercise class in Canberra.
You may be eligible for pensions or benefits from the DVA if you are a former serving member of the Australian Defence Force, or if you are the spouse, widow, or child of an eligible DVA member or veteran. Please call to discuss your eligibility.
DVA seniors doing exercise.
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General Rehab
SportsTec Clinic has all of your general rehab needs covered, to get you back to full health as soon as possible and with your long-term health considered throughout your treatment plan.
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Close-up of podiatrist fitting an orthotic.
Dietitian Nutritionist
Feel like you need someone to help you balance your diet and live a healthier lifestyle? Call SportsTec Clinic to speak with our accredited practising dietitian.
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Eating a healthy diet as advised by a dietician.
Occupational Health & Safety Consultant
Ask how SportsTec Clinic can help your workers to be healthier, safer, and, as a result - more productive in the workplace. 
Booking desk for consulting and appointments.
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Not sure what will help you heal? Get in touch with SportsTec Clinic and someone from our team will listen to your needs. We can schedule an in-person consultation where one of our practitioners will check out your injury and come up with the best plan of action for your recovery.

Online Services Now Available

If you are not certain which of the above-listed rehabilitation services and treatments will best meet your specific requirements, please contact us to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our professionals. Over the years, we had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients, all who arrived with a specific problem that required a strategically-designed physiotherapy treatment plan.


STC has adapted to the COVID-19 crisis:

For those that do not need hands-on treatment or are in the vulnerable person category, we are now offering online physiotherapy and online classes, which are claimable via your health fund rebates.

We are still offering face to face physiotherapy services for those with significant musculoskeletal pain or post-surgical rehabilitation, this may change if the crisis escalates.

Exercise Classes

We are offering several classes online including Pilates and Mums & Bubs post/antenatal rehabilitation. We’re able to facilitate varied online classes, so if you’re more comfortable with conducting your rehab from home, let us know and we’ll arrange to have you dialled in online to a class.

We Take a Personalised Approach

No two clients are the same. Every person in this world has a specific set of skills, level of stamina and strength, as well as a unique physique. For this reason, our team makes sure that our rehabilitation services are tailored to the individual’s requirements. We take into consideration a range of factors to come up with a recovery plan that will yield maximum results.
Dancer being trained in the studio
Physio trainer at soccer match.

Tailored Programs
& Physio Services

Here at SportsTec, our team of professionals stand by your side through the program.

We rely on our expertise and well-equipped facilities to carry out physiotherapy treatment to the best of our abilities. But what makes us the best in our business is our ability to adapt and modify sessions as we go along.

We closely monitor your abilities and progress to make sure that we are on the right path to recovery. If for any reason your training needs to be altered, your dedicated physical therapist will try to find a more suitable approach.
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We accept all health funds and insurance claim referrals, such as motor vehicle accident (MVA), work injury, and EPC (Enhanced Primary Care).
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