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Are you thinking about taking up running for the first time in your life? Or you’ve been a jogger for several years now but you wish to take the hobby one step further and prepare for a greater challenge?
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The Importance of Good OH&S

Are your managing a team of workers or running a business with many employees? If you have ever wondered what the positive impact of a healthier, happier workforce can do for your productivity and bottom line - then speak to SportsTec Clinic to discuss some potential strategies and outcomes for your people.

Here Are Some Scary (But True) Facts About OH&S

  1. Sedentary behaviour is one of the leading risk factors for death in the world, which equates to over 5 million people per year
  2. 2% disc compression occurs after sitting for just 4 hours. Postural changes every 15mins decreases this compression
  3. Sitting for an average of 6hrs a day at work caused 53% of people to get neck pain, 53.2% of people lower back pain and 51.6% of people to get shoulder pain
  4. Long sitting times causes 73.6% of people to feel exhausted at the end of a workday. Keep in mind ‘sitting hours’ over the day also include time spent sitting on your way to and from work, as well as the time you spend at home
  5. Studies have also shown that regular physical activity outside of work does not make up for the hours of prolonged static sitting done at work – meaning that the issue needs to be addressed in the workplace even if employees are active outside of work
  6. Average time lost for a serious workers claim has increased by 33% between 2001 and 2015
  7. People working in administration roles are most likely to be obese with 77% of people working in admin roles overweight or obese. (Stats from the UK)

How We Can Help

We are a team of occupational health and safety consultants who will provide advice intended to aid in the prevention of injuries/pain as well as to reduce work time lost due to these injuries/pain. What sets us apart is the fact that we are more than happy to personalise our approach based on your specific lifestyle, workplace health system and the goals you wish to achieve. Below, you will find a list of occupational health and safety advisory services that have been specifically devised to provide a preventative and functional approach to a healthier workplace.
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