Clinical Pilates Exercise

While our classes feature many Pilates-based movements, they are actually comprised of a range of exercises that are clinically and research-based. Namely, we employ a team of highly trained experts with years of experience in physical therapy. They are certified to guide you through clinical Pilates exercises that focus on posture, balance, strength, flexibility, focus, and breathing, all in an effort to help you recover from surgery, as well as treat sports or otherwise-caused injury and strain.
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Getting Started With Pilates

SportsTec Clinic is one of the best-equipped physiotherapy centres in the area. We are the go-to professionals for clinical Pilates in Canberra because we have the right exercise equipment and experts who will guide you on your way to recovery. Contact us to set the goals together and come up with the exercise plan that will help you achieve them in the shortest amount of time.

Who Is Clinical Pilates For?

We here at SportsTec Clinic offer a range of classes suitable for anyone – from complete beginners to elite athletes, as well as physically inactive people. Clinical Pilates is also highly efficient for people who are looking to treat chronic back and lower back pain caused by sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, we open our doors to all people who wish to improve their core strength and provide greater muscle support for their spine.

At SportsTec Clinic, we offer group, semi-private and private classes and can cater for pre and postnatal clients. We know that the most optimal results can only be achieved if the exercise program is carefully designed to meet the needs of a specific client. This is why we even modify our group Pilates workout sessions so that every person in the room would walk out feeling significantly better than they did on their way in.

In compliance with recent federal government changes, Pilates only classes are ineligible for private health insurance rebates. If you have any questions, please contact SportsTec Clinic to request more information about Pilates.
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Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates Classes

STC offers antenatal and postnatal pilates classes designed to suit the needs of pre and post-natal women run by a qualified physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

Postnatal mums and bubs classes will take you through a series of exercises used to regain and build abdominal control and strength, increase general mobility, and generally improve your body awareness while bonding with your baby.

We understand that changes to your body while pregnant and after giving birth can be challenging. At STC, we offer you a safe and comfortable environment to get your body in the best shape possible, with our friendly instructors.
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Are you having a baby or you just recently had one?

Looking to do some exercise? Please download and complete this PDF questionnaire and we will determine whether you are ready to exercise. Once complete, please return to admin@sportstecclinic.com.au and the team will be in touch.

Ask About Our Group Sessions & Timetable

Dancer/Sports classes are reserved for dancers and athletes who are rehabilitating or strengthening. If you are interested but unsure which group training is best for you, feel free to contact us – one of our clinical Pilates trainers will gladly explain the benefits of each training session, listen to your needs and invite you to a class that will best meet them.
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Restricted Sessions

Self-managed: Access to gym equipment for 1 hour – bookings essential
Seniors class: Must hold a valid Seniors card
Pre/post natal: Physio appointment required before first class
Lisa Clarke Dance: Private booking

General Rehab/Pilates Classes

EP rehab class: 5-6 person class with EP
Group rehab class: 5-6 person class with EP/physio (gym focus)
Group equipment class: 5-6 person class with EP/physio (Pilates focus)
Duet equipment class: 2 person class with physio (Pilates)
Advanced/open mat class:  Pilates mat class

Current Timetable

Last updated on 22nd February 2023. Book online or call to enquire.

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We accept all health funds and insurance claim referrals, such as motor vehicle accident (MVA), work injury, and EPC (Enhanced Primary Care).
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