Running Rehabilitation

Special Rehab For Runners

Are you thinking about taking up running for the first time in your life? Or you’ve been a jogger for several years now but you wish to take the hobby one step further and prepare for a greater challenge?
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Prevent Running Into Injuries

It may seem simple – you put on the jogging clothes and shoes and hit the track, but taking up running without perfecting your form may cause injuries and chronic pain. So what are your options?
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Keep On Running At Your Best Level

SportsTec Clinic has been helping recreational and professional runners prepare for upcoming challenges for a decade. We employ a team of experts who know how to provide you with a proper framework for a running activity that awaits you. Our people are here to help you recover from an injury, or provide physical assistance that will aid in its prevention. We will help improve your form and correct any imbalances that might have a negative effect on your body. Our coaches are also happy to advise on any additional activities and exercises that might facilitate your training or recovery.
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Is Running Rehabilitation For You?

SportsTec Clinic designs its running rehabilitation courses to meet any client’s needs. In our centre, you will get the chance to work with some of the most experienced and certified physical therapists who have helped with pro athletes, recreational runners, and first-timers to prepare for the next big thing that awaits them.

We invite you to join our running rehabilitation programme if you are:
Recovering from a running-related or any other sports injury
Recovering from Achilles or hamstring tendinopathy, ITB syndrome or chronic knee pain
Looking to return to regular running/jogging after pausing this activity for a certain period for any health or personal reasons
Taking up running for the first time in your life
Interested in building strength, stamina and endurance by taking up running

About Our Running Rehabilitation Courses

We offer group and individual running courses and in both cases promise to tend to your personal needs because we know it is the only way to achieve optimal results. Prior to the start of your programme, we like to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our running rehabilitation professionals who will conduct a physical analysis of your balance, flexibility and strength to determine the athletic level you are at. They will ask you about your running habits, other sports activities and ask you about the goal you wish to achieve. Taking all this information into consideration, we will advise you on the best approach to running rehabilitation.
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Physical Training For Runners

Our physical trainers will be at your disposal throughout your journey, continually tracking your progress, happy to answer any questions you may have and, if need be, correct you during the sessions to help you improve your form.

For more information about our individual or group running rehabilitation courses, feel free to contact SportsTec Clinic

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