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SportsTec Clinic is among the best-equipped physiotherapy centres in Canberra. We offer physiotherapy not just for elite athletes or dancers, but also for the general public. We were established with a mission to deliver services that will aid professional and recreational athletes to prevent injury or heal from one.

As years went by, we realised that the modern, sedentary lifestyle affects the majority of people, regardless of their age, gender or physical activity they are involved in. For this reason, we made ourselves available to everyone who requires physiotherapy in Canberra. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of individual clients and help their body heal from any soreness that prevents them from functioning at 100 per cent.

Our physios often treat office workers and are well placed to help with common complaints such as:

sore neck
painful backs
overuse injuries in hands or arms

We understand that people have busy lives and we tailor treatment plans with that in mind. Our goal is to hasten your recovery process and help you get back to your regular routine.

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    At SportsTec Clinic, we are passionate about sports. We never say no to a client and love to work with everyone – from the elite level athlete to the weekend warrior. Having been at the top of our own sporting fields, we understand how important high-level sports injury management and rehabilitation are for getting you back in the game.

    Our physiotherapy treatments in Canberra are designed to both aid in the prevention of injuries as well as to reduce time lost due to injury throughout the competitive season. In addition, we aim to maximise overall performance through biomechanical adjustments.

    Thanks to our rich knowledge, years-long experience, and exceptional results, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest sports teams in the country.

    We work and provide field-side coverage to a variety of high-level athletes from different sports clubs including:

    *Please note our titled sports physiotherapists command a premium over standard pricing



    STC physiotherapists have assisted professional dancers from the West Australian Ballet, Zurich Ballet and Sydney Dance Company and so offer a high level of care for amateur dancers experiencing a dance-related injury. Our facilities for physiotherapy in Canberra are designed and equipped up to the highest standards because we know just how much the environment can help boost the recovery process. 

    Using the latest research in conjunction with a 30-year history of dance expertise, SportsTec Clinic affords dancers the best injury management available.

    Part of this management includes:

    Ballet technique review
    Dance and point assessments
    Pilates rehabilitation and strengthening specific to dancers