Seniors Care

Seniors Care COVID-19

At STC we strongly believe in providing care for the senior patient, even when we are in isolation at home.

Exercise physiology:

With age, our energy levels tend to gradually decrease, bringing our fitness levels down to a minimum – that is, unless we start to put greater emphasis on exercise on our own. SportsTec Clinic employs a team of utmost experts who provide physiotherapy for senior citizens and can boast exceptional results. 

We are now providing exercise classes with our lovely exercise physiologists to help with overall health and fitness. Classes are aimed at assisting with:

Core stability
Cardiovascular fitness
Falls prevention

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    We tailor our training to all levels of fitness and our exercise physiologists are experts in working with those that have other medical issues from Parkinson’s to cardiovascular disease.

    Classes are done in a safe and careful manner, technique and form are constantly monitored to ensure you get the improvements you want safely. We rely on adequate equipment and organise our sessions on our premises that are designed to provide the most comfortable environment for seniors and aging citizens.


    Our physiotherapists have worked extensively in high-level age care and retirement facilities and are very familiar with the needs of the senior citizen. Our senior care physiotherapy plans are designed by working closely with your doctor to ensure coordinated care. Our mission is to make sure that you reach the health goals you set and through the years, we had the opportunity with people who required different levels of care. From seniors who simply wished to improve their mobility, balance, strength and stability, to those who needed help to prepare or recover from surgery. 

    SportsTec Clinic offers private, semi-private and group physiotherapy for senior citizens. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation and personal needs, we are happy to schedule a session that will best facilitate your recovery.

    Look out for Seniors rehab classes in the timetable below

    • Tuesdays 10AM – 11AM
    • Wednesday 11AM – 12PM & 3PM – 4PM
    • Thursday 3PM – 4PM
    • Friday 11AM – 12PM

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our services.