Sports Physiotherapy


Injury Prevention and Recovery

SportsTec Clinic has expertise in helping people recover from sports injuries and sprains through sports physiotherapy treatment. We are proud to say that our portfolio consists of a multitude of satisfied clients – all professional athletes who have successfully healed from an injury and have managed to achieve the recovery goals we set together. 

Since the establishment, our experts have worked with a number of professional Australian sports teams, including the Australian Paralympic team, Belconnen Devils FC, Canberra Braves, Mustangs, ACT Premier League Squash Team, as well as professional dances and ballet professionals.

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Importance of Sports Physio

Professional athletes are expected to achieve much higher levels of performance, placing considerably higher pressure on their body than it is the case with recreational athletes and people who don’t participate in sports activities regularly. Considering, the injuries they experience can be detrimental to their career and require special care and training if they are to recover their full strength. 

Sports physio is also extremely beneficial for injury prevention. Namely, a professional physical therapist who has expertise in preparation for a specific sport knows which joints and muscles are at the highest risk of injury. With that in mind, they will design a personalised therapy that will consist of a set of exercises intended to strengthen the most critical parts of your body and teach you how to minimise the chances of getting hurt in the most difficult situations.

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    Why SportsTec Clinic

    At STC, we have the best people and equipment you can look for in a Canberra sports physio Clinic – we have everything it takes to help an athlete prevent or recover from a sports injury.


    STC employs a team of certified professionals who are the utmost experts in their respective fields. Each of our physical therapists possesses sport-specific knowledge that allows them to address chronic, acute and overuse injuries common among men and women of all ages. They will assess your physical state, strength and stamina levels to be able to design a sports physio treatment that will be safe and efficient for you.



    SportsTec Clinic is located in the centre of Canberra’s Kingston foreshore and is carefully designed to meet the requirements of a range of professional athletes. We made sure that our facilities include state of the art sports equipment that can aid in injury prevention and recovery, but also help recreational athletes and people who are just about to take up a certain activity to gradually and safely build strength, stamina and endurance.


    We offer a diverse range of programs and treatments, including sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation, Chinese medicine, Pilates, and running rehabilitation, as well as hydrotherapy, massage and dietitian consultation, all which we often combine to come up with the best treatment plan that will ensure you recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    Our success is measured by your success which is why we want you back on track ASAP, feeling like the very best version of yourself!

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    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our services.