Canberra Physiotherapy at Kingston Foreshore

SportsTec Clinic is a multidisciplinary physiotherapy practice located at the heart of Canberra’s Kingston foreshore. We specialise in injury management for athletes and the general public alike; if you’ve got a problem, STC can help. 

Staff Profile: Rebecca Kiting

September 16, 2018

PHYSIOTHERAPIST Why did you become a physio? I grew up playing a lot of sport but knew that I wouldn’t be able to play at a high level forever so I became interested in jobs in the sporting field. Physio always appealed to me because I loved learning about the human body and enjoyed helping…

Exercise Unpacked #3: Knee Drives

September 10, 2018

In the second instalment of our Exercise Unpacked series, we’re delving into the good, old-fashioned Knee Drive. This one’s a bit of a double whammy as it’s great for core activation and a burning core workout, but has the added bonus of working the glutes as well. Perform 3×10-15 repetitions each day. Here’s how to…

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