STC is a physiotherapy and multidisciplinary practice south side Canberra located in the heart of Kinston foreshore. We specialise in a variety of sports and population groups, catering to almost anyones needs.

From the field to the sideline

August 26, 2016

University of Canberra alumnae Melisa and Sarah talk about how Sportstec Clinic came about during an interview with UC in mid-2015… Like so many great business ideas it began at the pub. “Mel and I had always talked about doing something at some point, so we went to the Duxton, had a few beers and we started…

Q&A: Interview with Lauren Ashleigh

July 13, 2016

Lauren Ashleigh is a Canberra based figure competitor, power lifter and ladies grid-iron champion. SportsTec is proud to assist Lauren with injury and rehabilitation recovery. This interview provided some insight into her busy athletic life. Q) What sports have you been or are currently involved in?  A) My sporting background was actually growing up as a sprinter. I am…

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