Canberra Physiotherapy at Kingston Foreshore

Canberra Physiotherapy, SportsTec Clinic, is a multidisciplinary practice located in the heart of Kingston foreshore. We specialise in injury management in variety of sports and population groups, catering to almost anyones needs.

Are diets dying out?

August 8, 2017

Are Diets Dying Out? When we hear the word diet, many ideas could have popped into mind. Atkins, juicing, cleanses, calorie counting, alkaline diet, meal replacement shakes and skinny pills. The word diet comes from Greek origins, meaning “way of life”. But are fad diet trends slowly dying out? Even as early as the 18th…

Morality of food

August 1, 2017

Dieting & The morality of food For some people, there are a lot of feelings and associations around food. More than ever, people are becoming more conscious about what they are putting into their bodies. Generally, we have a pretty good idea of which foods are healthy and what are less healthy options. So, if…

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