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Welcome to SportsTec—Canberra's hub for leading-edge physiotherapy and holistic wellness solutions. Situated amidst the scenic landscapes of Kingston Foreshore, we cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from top-tier athletes to individuals seeking to enhance everyday health. Let us guide you on a transformative journey to unlock, sustain, and amplify your physical potential.
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Exceptional Physiotherapy & Specialised Wellness Services

We offer tailored physiotherapy services, holistic health and injury management, massage therapy for wellbeing and recovery, seniors fitness, rehab and recovery programs, and clinical pilates for strength and flexibility.
General Physiotherapy
Step into a world of personalised care designed to address and prevent injuries. Our effective treatment programs are curated for lasting relief and optimised function.
Physio Services
Sports Physiotherapy
Overcome injuries and prevent their recurrence with customised rehabilitation programs always based on the latest evidence
Sarah applying physiotherapy to football playerSports Physio
Exercise Physiology
Discover the curative power of exercise. Our expertly devised programs combat illness, facilitate injury recovery, and minimise the risk of health ailments, ensuring you reach paramount health.
Ex-Phys Services
Massage Therapy
Surrender to the restorative benefits of massage. Enjoy decreased discomfort, enhanced circulation, fortified immune response, and stress relief through our variety of massage offerings. Massage therapy not only enhances performance by improving muscle function and flexibility but also aids significantly in the rehabilitation of injuries.
Massage Services
Rehabilitation Classes
Our comprehensive rehabilitation services provide personalised care that supports swift recovery and long-term wellness, empowering you to return to peak performance post-injury.
Rehab Services
Senior Wellness
Fast-track your recovery with our bespoke rehabilitation sessions or join our senior-oriented fitness programs that address unique health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular health.
Seniors Classes
Clinical Pilates
Embrace a fusion of clinical insight and Pilates principles, aiming to fortify strength, amplify flexibility, and nurture a sense of well-being catered to your clinical needs.
Pilates Group Sessions

Elevate Your Athletic Potential with SportsTec Performance Services

Get ready for our soon-to-be-unveiled Strength and Conditioning and Athletic Development Services, designed to take your sports performance to the next level through innovative training techniques and cutting-edge performance assessment strategies.
Athletic Development
We look forward to sharing more information about Athletic Development services. Please come back soon. Soon
VALD Performance Testing
VALD Force Decks and VALD DynaMos. are cutting-edge tools that revolutionise the way we assess, program and enhance physical performance, providing unparalleled insights into biomechanics and movement dynamics.
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Begin Your Journey to Recovery, Health or Performance Today

Want to improve your mobility and function, reduce pain or start your journey to top-tier athletic achievement? Contact Our Team to arrange a detailed consultation. Together, we’ll craft a personalised roadmap to your recovery and success.

An Accomplished Team

Invested in your pursuit of health and performance excellence, our qualified professionals fuel your progress with passion and expertise.

Fully Equipped Facilities

Our facilities are modern and fully equipped, providing an advanced and comprehensive environment for all your training and rehabilitation needs.

A Trusted Name in Sports

Valued by prominent sports clubs, our active role in Australia’s athletic community stands as a testament to our high level of skills and expertise.
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