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Trusted by reputable clubs across the country, our dedicated team is heavily invested in the national sporting scene.

Our Services

SportsTec offers a diverse range of evidence-based treatments and therapeutic interventions. Our keen interest in industry advancements and opportunities for further education ensures our services continue to meet your changing needs.


Treat your injuries and stop them from coming back. Tailored to your condition, our evidence-based rehabilitation programs use modern techniques to achieve your goals.
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Sports Physiotherapy
Professional athletes are expected to achieve much higher levels of performance. Our personalised therapy is extremely beneficial for injury prevention.
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Exercise Physiology
Use exercise to treat illness, manage injuries and reduce your risk of acute and chronic conditions. Our clinicians can help you restore optimal health with personalised programs and group sessions.
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Reduce pain and muscle soreness, improve immune function and circulation, recover from injury, and relieve tension and stress through massage.
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Rehab Classes
Get you back to full health as soon as possible. Our clinicians will consider your long term goals and develop a plan to help you achieve your treatment goals.
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Senior Classes
Our exercise physiologists are experts in working with medical conditions such as Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disease. We can tailor seniors care to all levels of fitness.
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SportsTec pilates classes combine pilates-based movements with exercises supported by clinical research. Our program supports a variety of treatment modalities.
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Strength and Conditioning
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Exercises for a woman who is pregnant.
Athletic Development and Performance Testing
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Not sure what will help you heal? Get in touch with our team. We can schedule an in-person consultation where one of our practitioners will check out your injury and come up with the best plan of action for your recovery.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Access our in-house pilates studio and extensive range of gym equipment throughout your rehabilitation or development journey.

Conveniently Located in Canberra’s Inner South

Our multidisciplinary physiotherapy centre can be found on the Kingston Foreshore.
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