Professional Massage Therapy

At SportsTec, we prioritise your recovery and relaxation through professional massage therapy. Whether you’re an athlete, struggling with chronic pain, or simply need to unwind, our team tailors each session to meet your individual needs.

Tailored Massage Treatments

Our experienced therapists offer an array of specialised massage treatments:
Sports Massage: Perfect for athletes or those with active lifestyles.
Remedial Massage: Targets specific issues, supporting injury recovery.
Oncology Massage: Gentle techniques for those undergoing cancer treatments.
Pre and Postnatal Massage: Provides relief for pregnancy-related discomforts.
Oedema Massage: Helps reduce swelling and improve circulation.
Relaxation Massage: Focuses on general well-being with gentle techniques.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy isn't just about feeling good. It’s a powerful tool for:
Enhancing Recovery: Aids in quicker recovery from workouts or injuries.
Relieving Pain: Effective in treating conditions like lower back pain.
Improving Circulation: Enhances blood flow, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination.
Reducing Stress: Lowers cortisol levels and promotes relaxation.
Boosting Immunity: Stimulates lymph flow—the body's natural defence system.
Relaxation Massage: Focuses on general well-being with gentle techniques.

Why Choose SportsTec Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy goes beyond relaxation. It's a vital part of any wellness routine, helping to alleviate pain and accelerate recovery from injuries. With skilled manipulation of your body's soft tissues, our therapists help improve your muscle function, decrease muscle tension, and enhance your overall physical condition.

Meet Our Certified Massage Therapists

At SportsTec, our therapists are not just massage professionals but healing experts:

Convenient Booking and Flexible Schedules

We cater to your busy schedule. Book a session that works for you, whether as a standalone treatment or part of a comprehensive recovery plan.
We accept all health fund coverages and insurance claims, including MVA and EPC referrals.
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