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At SportsTec, we are proud to be recognised as one of Canberra’s leading physiotherapy clinics, offering a range of comprehensive services not just for elite athletes and performers but for anyone seeking effective physical therapy solutions.

Premier Physiotherapy for Everyone

Originally established to provide top-tier support to professional and recreational athletes, SportsTec has evolved to address the physical strains of modern sedentary lifestyles, which affect people of all ages and activity levels. Whether you are dealing with postural issues from office work or injuries from physical activities, our clinic is equipped to address your needs.

General Physiotherapy

Our general physiotherapy services are uniquely tailored to alleviate soreness and enhance function. We cater to a diverse clientele, including professionals from various sectors such as trades, hospitality, and healthcare.

Common conditions we treat include:
  • Neck and shoulder tension

  • Back pain across the upper, middle, and lower regions

  • Repetitive strain injuries in hands and arms

  • Persistent headaches and migraines

Sarah Kelly

APA Sports Physiotherapist, Managing Director, Physiotherapist

Stephen Batger

Clinical Manager, Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist

Dedicated Sports Physiotherapy

Passion for sports drives our mission at SportsTec. We support athletes ranging from professionals to weekend warriors, providing expert injury management and rehabilitation to quickly and safely return you to your sport. Our treatments are designed to prevent injuries and optimise performance through detailed biomechanical analysis.

Our experience and proven track record have allowed us to partner with some of Australia’s top sports teams, providing field-side support to athletes across various disciplines.
Sports Physio Services

Specialised Dance Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists offer specialised care for both professional and amateur dancers, drawing on over 30 years of combined experience in dance and performing arts physiotherapy.

We provide:
Ballet technique reviews
Dance and pointe assessments
Pilates-based rehabilitation and strength programs
Comprehensive injury management strategies
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