Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Canberra

At SportsTec, we are dedicated to your recovery and long-term well-being, offering a broad spectrum of rehabilitation services spearheaded by our experienced team. Our clinic specialises in physiotherapy, exercise physiology, massage, athletic performance and whole case management, ensuring a holistic approach to your health.

Injury Prevention, Management and Return to Play

Complete Physio & Rehab Services: Whether you're recovering from general injuries, sports injuries, workplace incidents, or managing chronic conditions, our personalised programs are designed to restore your mobility, improve strength and enhance your performance.

Specialised Rehabilitation Areas

  • General Rehab

    Techniques that aid in the recovery from daily wear and tear or medical procedures.
  • Workers' Compensation and Return-to-Work Programs

    Specialised programs designed to safely return you or your employees back to work.
  • Sports Injuries

    Expert care for athletes of all levels to recover from injuries and return to peak performance, including tailored programs for top-tier professionals and weekend warriors.
  • Disabilities

    Tailored strategies to manage and improve daily functionalities.

Partnering with Champions

We're proud partners of several high-level sports organisations, including:
Football Australia's Junior and Para Matildas
Western Sydney Wanderers Womens A League
Canberra Raiders Reserve and Womens Squads
Basketball ACT
Bangarra Dance Theatre
Zurich Ballet
And many more Canberra Premier and 1st Division Teams
Our partnerships reflect our commitment to top-quality rehabilitation and showcase the trust placed in us by elite athletes and teams.

Why Choose SportsTec?


Our team’s unparalleled experience and specialised knowledge ensure you receive the highest standard of care.

Tailored Care

We customise our rehabilitation plans to meet your specific needs, helping you recover faster and more effectively.

Advanced Facilities

Our state-of-the-art clinic is equipped with the latest in rehab technology and practices.

Book Your Rehabilitation Session Now

Don't let injury keep you from living your best life. Secure an appointment with our expert team today. We accept all health funds and insurance claim referrals, including motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC).
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