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SportsTec Clinic offers complete rehab services with a qualified team of clinicians, covering a range of expertise in physical rehab, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, massage, nutrition, case management and more.
Rehab services

Complete Physio & Rehab Services

Our targeted rehab services cover general rehab, sports injuries, Mums, and bubs Seniors, return to work, and more. We provide injury management services and clinical rehab treatments, with a special focus on sports performance.

Rehab Provider Services

Are you looking for a rehab provider to manage your injuries and get your team back to full health? SportsTec Clinic can assist with a professional rehab service that includes prevention, management and rehabilitation of injuries. Additionally, we have programs that help people to manage chronic pain and disabilities.
  • General Rehab

  • Workers Compensation

  • Sports Injuries

  • Disabilities

Sports Rehab

At SportsTec Clinic, we are passionate about sports. We never say no to a client and love to work with everyone – from the elite level athlete to the weekend warrior. Having been at the top of our own sporting fields, we understand how important high-level sports injury management and rehabilitation are for getting you back in the game.

Our rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments are designed to both aid in the prevention of injuries as well as to reduce time lost due to injury throughout the competitive season. In addition, we aim to maximise overall performance through biomechanical adjustments.

Thanks to our rich knowledge, years-long experience, and exceptional results, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest sports teams in the country.
Our Partners

We suppport and provide rehab services to a variety of high-level athletes from different sports clubs including:

Please note our titled sports physiotherapists command a premium over standard pricing.
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Bounce Back From Injury With SportsTec Clinic Rehabilitation

The fastest road to recovery is not always the best. We promise to handle your rehabilitation with the highest degree of care and professionalism, with respect to your immediate recovery and your long term health.
Sports injury management with a trained Physiotherapist

Rehab services we offer:

Workplace injuries and return to work plans
Insurance claims and case management
Complete rehabilitation facilities and physio treatment
HICAPS and Medicare available
Please get in touch to discuss your needs or you can book your initial apppointment online.
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We accept all health funds and insurance claim referrals, such as motor vehicle accident (MVA), work injury, and EPC (Enhanced Primary Care).
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