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Leading Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation Services in Canberra

At SportsTec Clinic we have Exercise Physiologists who are professionally trained and qualified in the prevention, treatment, and management of physical injuries.

Tailored Injury Management at SportsTec

Are you on the lookout for expert exercise physiology in Canberra to assist with injury rehabilitation and managing your health condition? At SportsTec, our accredited Exercise Physiologists specialise in devising personalised exercise plans to prevent, treat, and manage injuries effectively and safely.

Start Your Custom Exercise Journey

Embark on a rehabilitation path that's tailored just for you. Our experts assess your fitness levels to craft a rehabilitation program that ensures your recovery is not only swift but also aligned with your specific health needs.

Your Health, Our Priority

Our exercise physiologists stay abreast of the latest research in health, fitness, obesity, and weight loss. Collaborating closely with our in-house dietitians, we help you achieve your weight management goals safely and sustainably. Explore our exercise class timetable for a range of options including EP rehab classes, seniors' rehab sessions, and more.

What a Clinical Exercise Physiologist Can Do For You

Board-certified exercise physiologists undergo four years of intensive study on how exercise impacts the body's ability to recover and improve from illness or injury. Unlike personal trainers, our clinicians possess in-depth knowledge about how certain conditions—such as heart disease, diabetes, or even a sprained ankle—require specialised exercise regimens to prevent further complication.

Common Areas of Focus Include:

Chronic Pain Management
Elderly Fitness and Mobility
Diabetes Exercise Protocols
Arthritis and Osteoporosis Strategies
Cardio-respiratory Wellness
Movement Disorders such as Parkinson's

Our Passionate Team

Our exercise physiologists are driven by a unified goal: to aid in injury prevention and guide you through a successful rehabilitation process.

Stephen Batger

Clinical Manager, Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist

All Ages and Stages of Fitness Welcome

Regardless of age or current fitness levels, SportsTec is committed to offering comprehensive rehabilitation and injury management services tailored to elevate your physical and mental wellbeing.

Current Timetable

Last updated on 2nd May 2024. Book online or call to enquire.

Personalised Exercise and Rehabilitation

We believe in a highly personalised approach to rehabilitation, considering not just physical but also psychological factors such as anxiety, motivation, and self-esteem, which can impact the success of your recovery.

Schedule Your Appointment at Our State-of-the-Art Centre

Our Canberra rehabilitation centre is outfitted with the latest fitness equipment. We start every journey with an initial evaluation of your metabolism and cardiovascular health to create a plan that bolsters your strength, stamina, flexibility, and endurance.

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With online booking and acceptance of all health funds and insurance claims (including MVA, work injury, and Enhanced Primary Care), it’s easy to start your journey with us.
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