VALD Performance Testing

Precision Meets Performance

At STC Performance, we're taking athletic assessment and training to an unprecedented level with our VALD Performance Testing services. Engineered for athletes who demand precision, our cutting-edge technology collates comprehensive data about your physical capabilities, enabling personalised programs that push the boundaries of what you thought possible.

Why Choose VALD Performance Testing?

Tailored to You

Each session is customised, focusing on your unique needs, concerns, and goals. Whether you're rehabilitating from an injury or aiming to shatter personal records, our VALD testing battery has you covered.

Data-Driven Solutions

Utilising VALD Force Plates and Dynamos, we gain accurate insights into your strength, balance, power, and more. This detailed analysis forms the cornerstone of our evidence-based interventions.

Transparent Progress Tracking

With our in-depth reports, you'll understand your development areas and triumphs. Each assessment comes with a comprehensive report, laying out your progress and next steps in clear, actionable terms.

Comprehensive Offerings

Individual Assessment

Perfect for athletes seeking a one-time, in-depth analysis of their performance. This assessment is ideal for athletes who want to understand how they can improve.

Performance Packages

Ideal for ongoing development, these packages include multiple testing sessions, report analyses, and continuous program adjustments to ensure peak performance.

Team/Group Testing

Tailor-made for sports teams or groups, offering the added advantage of tailored pricing and up to 40% discount on team bookings.

Invest in Your Performance

Choose from our array of VALD Performance Testing options:

  • Single Session: $120 for a one-off, comprehensive assessment and report.
  • Performance Packages: Starting at $500 for a 5-session pass, providing continuous assessment and fine-tuning of your training regimen.
  • Tailored Team Solutions: Contact us for bespoke pricing to fit your team's needs and unlock up to 40% discounts on group bookings.

At STC Performance, our goal is to empower you with the insights and support needed to exceed your expectations. With VALD Performance Testing, you’re not just training; you're transforming how you understand your body and its potential. Let's unlock your peak performance together.

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