Can you stop thinking about food?

Cravings? Cant stop thinking about foot? Ever put away an open packet of chips, only to find your thoughts straying back? You know it’s open and can’t stop thinking about it until it’s all gone?

Here are some helpful tips for when you know you aren’t hungry but still want to eat.

Phone a friend

Take your mind off the food in the cupboard by phoning a friend or relative. Bonus point: you should probably call your mum anyway.

Paint your nails

Keep your hands busy by painting your nails and they will stay out of commission while drying. No one wants to run the risk of accidently painting nail polish.

Wash your car

Get outside in the sun (and get your daily dose of vitamin D) to keep your hands and mind busy

Adult colouring book

Colouring books are a fun and calming way to focus your mind on something else and you can get some pretty artwork too.

Go for a walk

Or at least put on your sneakers. Usually, that can be the hardest part when trying to motivate yourself. Maybe try to find a new walking track or convince a friend to come with you too for a walking date.

Have a drink of water

The mechanism for hunger and thirst feels very similar so it could be your body telling you that you are thirsty.

Buy smaller packets

Buying items such as lunch box sized packets of chips or chocolate bars instead of blocks can mean you enjoy a small amount with worrying about eating it all before it goes stale or

Explore your emotions

Are you trying to eat instead of facing something? Are you actually stressed, angry, bored, anxious or procrastinating? Have a think about if there are other motives behind why you want to finish the packet so badly.