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Feel like you need someone to help you balance your diet and live a healthier lifestyle? SportsTec Clinic employs an accredited practising dietitian who is at your disposal to schedule a consultation and hear about the nutrition-related issues you are looking to resolve. They will assess your current physical condition and recommend necessary tests you need to undergo in order to provide the most accurate diagnosis and come up with the best meal plan.
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Diet Planning & Progress Tracking

But our work doesn’t end with just meal plans – our dietitian is there for you every step of the way in case you have any concerns or additional questions as you start with your diet. You won’t be in this alone as we will continually track your progress to make sure you are achieving the milestones that we set together.


Meet our nutrition and dietetics team. Our accredited practising dietitians can help to resolve a range of nutrition-related issues. With proper nutrition, you can rule out a range of health risks, and improve your zest for life.

Why Is Nutrition Important?

We here at SportsTec Clinic offer a range of classes suitable for anyone – from complete beginners to elite athletes, as well as physically inactive people. Clinical Pilates is also highly efficient for people who are looking to treat chronic back and lower back pain caused by sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, we open our doors to all people who wish to improve their core strength and provide greater muscle support for their spine.

At SportsTec Clinic, we offer group, semi-private and private classes and can cater for pre and postnatal clients. We know that the most optimal results can only be achieved if the exercise program is carefully designed to meet the needs of a specific client. This is why we even modify our group Pilates workout sessions so that every person in the room would walk out feeling significantly better than they did on their way in.

In compliance with recent federal government changes, Pilates only classes are ineligible for private health insurance rebates. If you have any questions, please contact SportsTec Clinic to request more information about Pilates.
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What Is An Accredited Practicing Dietitian?

A dietitian is university-trained (minimum of 4 years) and qualified to provide individualised medical nutrition advice. Here at SportsTec Clinic, we employ certified dietitians who have participated in a minimum of 20 weeks of supervised training and are regulated by the governing body, the Dietitians Association of Australia. Using up-to-date evidence, an APD can formulate a personalised plan that suits your lifestyle and needs.
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The Role of Nutrition in Rehabilitation

We believe that by taking into consideration a nutritionist’s advice early in the rehabilitation process, all recommendations related to exercising that follow will be much more accurate and effective. Once we have all the information about you, we will have a clearer picture of the results that you can expect and how long it will take you to achieve them. We strive to be honest and set realistic goals so that we can achieve the little milestones that keep your spirits up much faster.
Female weight lifter in training.

Is your dietitian appointment covered by health insurance?

Yes, it is. However, it is best to check with your health fund prior to the appointment to ensure you have the appropriate amount of coverage.

Who Should See a Dietitian?

Anyone can see a dietitian in Canberra, whether it is to manage a medically diagnosed disease such as diabetes or simply to get some tips on how to eat a more balanced diet. Everyone has different nutritional needs and, therefore, our goal is to provide advice that will be tailored to your lifestyle.
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At SportsTec Clinic, our accredited practising dietician can assist you with the management of:

High cholesterol
Gastrointestinal diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and coeliac disease
Weight loss/management
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Healthy eating
Iron deficiency anaemia

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We accept all health funds and insurance claim referrals, such as motor vehicle accident (MVA), work injury, and EPC (Enhanced Primary Care).
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